Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wow, it's been a long time.

Well, as you can see it's been around 2.5 years.  I've been in school and all that jazz and I've not had time to read nor write for pleasure.  I would really like to get back in the game of doing super informal book reviews just for my own pleasure. Over the past few years I've read the Hunger Games, the Divergent series, the Millennium series, 50 Shades series. I didn't really care for the 50 shades series, it was poorly written, more so than some of the other books I've read. The author's portrayal of BDSM is completely skewed and misrepresents the BDSM community, but to be fair some of the sex scenes are pleasant.  I'm sure there are other books I'm leaving out, but it's been a couple years and I've written too many papers to recall. Right now I'm trying to find a book that I can begin reading, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. =]

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silence: Becca Fitzpatrick

Alright, so this was a pretty good book.   I don't know why I've been into these fallen angel books, but I like them. Hah.

Well, in the last book...Rixon tried to kill Nora, but Patch saved her...blah blah blah.  He took her to his place.  And then....THE BLACK HAND shows up and kidnaps Nora.  Nora was kidnapped for 3 months and when she's discovered in a cemetery, she soon discovers that she can't remember the last 5 months.  So, she doesn't even have memories of Patch or Rixon or Scott or anything about fallen angels or nephilim.  But she starts having flashes of memories.  She starts to remember Patch.  But she can't quite place it.  She gets herself into some trouble and of course Patch shows up to save her.  And she asks if she knows him.  He says his name is Jev, which she doesn't remember him ever telling her.  She ends up putting two and two together and figures out that Jev and Patch are one in the same.  She also starts to piece together that Hank is her father and that he's also that Black Hand.  But she doesn't understand much after that.  Scott comes back and he helps her fill in the blank spots because Patch won't do it.  And then Patch relents and helps her fill in the gaps by letting her touch his scars.  Oh yeah!  He sacrifices his wings for Nora's safety. 
Hank is a dick and starts to mind trick Nora into going along with him.  And Marcie is also after a necklace of Nora's...the necklace Patch gave her.

Characters to know:
Nora Grey: Loses her memory and was kidnapped for 3 months.
Vee Sky: Nora's best friend.  She doesn't let Nora know about Patch when Nora after she's found in the cemetery. 
Patch:  Recently Fallen Angel turned Guardian Angel...recently fallen again. Hah. He's also known as Jev. He had to send his best friend to hell because he tried to kill Nora.
Scott:  Nora's childhood 'friend' also a nephilim.  He went into hiding the night Rixon tried to kill Nora.  He comes back and helps Nora fill in her memory.
Marcie: Pretty much Nora's arch nemesis. She's trying to get Nora to give her a necklace Nora has no recollection of.
Hank:The Black Hand and also Nora's blood father.  He's a huge dick.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Crescendo: Becca Fitzpatrick

     I have to say, I enjoyed this book.  It pissed me off at times, but I think that's part of what made it so good.  I got SO frustrated with some of the characters, I even considered throwing my nook across the room. It kept me interested because I HAD to know what would happen, mostly between Patch and Nora, but other things as well.

     So, Nora just sacrificed herself for Patch, but he wouldn't accept and he became a guardian angel.  Well, one night Nora tells him that she loves him, before that he gave her his necklace and she gave him a ring her dad gave her before he died. But he doesn't respond to the love thing like she thought he would and she's a little hurt.  To cut it short...she broke up with him.  Blah blah blah (insert teenage dating drama here). 
     An old family friend came to town, Scott and his mother.  Nora and he grew up together, but they didn't exactly have a loving relationship.  He still seems to be a big asshole. He's really flirtatious with Nora, but at the same time a jerk. 
     Vee is actually dating Rixon.  And Vee is totally head over heels for this guy and it makes Nora a bit jealous with everything that's happened between her and Patch.  One night Scott invites Nora to a pool hall, so Nora decides to go.  Well she sees Patch there with....her arch nemesis, Marcie.  Marcie is pretty much the world's biggest slut.  Nora is upset and completely thrown by the whole situation.  Not to mention that at about the same time a guy pulls a gun on Scott. 
     Nora has some strange things happen to her, she thinks she sees her dad one day at a cafe.  And she gets this anonymous envelope when she's out one day with Vee.  When she opens it, she finds a ring and a note saying that The Black Hand killed her father.

Characters to know:
Nora Grey: She's still in love with Patch, but keeps denying it.  She kinda pissed me off at times, but so did Patch.
Vee Sky: Nora's best friend and she's hilarious.  She is now dating Rixon.
Patch:  Recently Fallen Angel turned Guardian Angel. I got a little angry with him, he and Nora are just too stubborn.
Scott:  Nora's childhood 'friend'.  He's a gambling drunk...pretty much.  He's has charm, but he's a jerk most of the time. 
Marcie: Pretty much Nora's arch nemesis.  They have been at odds since they were kids.  But Nora doesn't know why Marcie hates her so much.  And she's a huge ho...just sayin'.
Rixon: He's Patch's best friend.  They've been through everything together.  He is also dating Vee, he seems like a good guy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hush, Hush: Becca Fitzpatrick

So, of course...two love interests.  But  not really?  Haha!  I liked it and of course I fell for the bad guy, but he did make it alluring. I really enjoyed the authors comedy, quite a few times I found myself laughing out loud, luckily no one was around. =]

So the main character, Nora, is in school and she sits with her bestie in biology until Coach, their teacher, decides to change the seating chart. And she ends up sitting next to this senior transfer student.  He's never said a word in class, but their assignment is to observe their lab partner.  She finds out his name is Patch.  He's actually kind of an ass to her, but she has to do the assignment and she reluctantly calls him and he mentions that he's busy at some place playing pool...well she drives the 30 minutes there and confronts him and what not.  It's weird, it's like he's playing hard to get, but not at the same time.  It's entertaining.  Then there's another transfer student, Elliot, and he immediately he jumps at the chance to try and get with Nora. Nora and her best friend Vee decide to hang out with Elliot and his his 6'10'' tall friend Jules...giant much?  But Jules always seems to be disappearing.
Nora keeps seeing a hooded figure and it's always giving her the creeps.  Not to mention the time that she thought she ran over someone and then the figure stood up and started to rip her car door off when she tells Vee, the door is suddenly normal and she's puzzled.  Needless to say, she's a little paranoid.
She keeps having encounters with Patch, and one day in her counseling session with the school psychologist, Ms. Greene says that Nora needs to stay away from Patch and that he's trouble.  She admits to herself that he scares the shit out of her, but at the same time she has this strange attraction to him.

Characters to know:
Nora Grey: Main character, she's a sophomore.  Her dad was murdered the previous year in Portland buying her mother a gift.
Vee Sky: Nora's best friend!  She cracks me up!  She's curvy and always talking about food, and has the strangest views on diets, you'll understand once you read.
Patch:  This mystery senior who's a little TOO observant.  Strangely alluring, he's the signature bad boy, with a motorcycle and all.
Elliot:  He's a new transfer student from a private school, he keeps trying to date Nora.  Nora feels like he's safer, but she can't seem to pull herself away from Patch.
Jules:  Jules is Elliot's giant friend.  He's 6'10''!  And he seems to be just a 'little' apathetic.  He's always brooding and disappearing.
Ms. Greene: The new school shrink, she doesn't seem to be thorough, but Nora doesn't mind it's just less time spent with her.  But Nora does take head to Ms. Greene's warning about Patch.

Reckoning: Laury Falter

I really enjoyed this series.  It had ONE love interest, which I really enjoy.  I like Maggie's stubbornness.  She isn't going to sacrifice her personality for the guy she loves.  She is true to herself and her calling as a Messenger.
In this book, I think it's this book...well the series (it just kinda flows) she starts killing the Fallen Ones on her own, now that she's returned to earth as an Alterum and she's a better fighter.  She leaves by herself leaving Eran behind, or so she thinks, until one night she catches a glimpse of him, but she thinks she's making it up.  Then she goes to kill this one Fallen One and she gets herself in a bit of a tight spot and Eran shows up and saves her.  The Fallen Ones are getting pissed, and they start retaliating by killing Alterums.   The Alterums decide to hold a meeting where all the Alterums come and they kind of talk about it, etc. Well Eran and Maggie decided not to go, and they were going to enjoy their time alone in the house (you know you've been waiting for them to have sex).  But when they get home, they are taken captive forced to go to London for the meeting, which is more like a trial.  Some of the Alterums wanted to hand her over to the Fallen Ones.
When she sleeps she visits her past lives to find out about herself.  But then she learns she can visit others' past lives, and so she decides to visit some of the Fallen Ones past lives.  She finds out what act causes Abbadon to fall.  Before, he'd never actually did the acts, but had people do them.

Characters to know:
Maggie: She's in love with Eran and she has her memories of her past lives back and is an Alterum in this lifetime.
Eran: Is Maggie's guardian and love.  He has a deep devotion to Maggie.  Although he has a lot of guilt about one of Maggies specific deaths.
Abbadon: The big bad of this book
Gershom:  He is a recently Fallen One who tried to turn things around, and ended up dying at Abbadon's hands, but before he died, Luce transported him to the afterlife but as a Alterum.  He really proves himself in this book.  He was the Fallen One who killed her parents.
Ezra, Felix and Rufus:  Lovely as always!  Maggie found out that they were all Alterums and are there to protect Maggie in the last book.

Torment: Lauren Kate

I enjoy the series, but not so much the writing.  I mentioned this in my review of the first book.  I do have a hate for love triangles, but they do make things more dramatic, which is a plus....BUT this one is just wrong.  In the last book she found out that she and Daniel were lovers in each life time and that she always died when she was 17, but this time is different, blah blah blah.  But she kinda falls for another, which I can actually understand, but I figured since she knew that her and Daniel were in love it wouldn't matter.

Anyways!  So Cam and Daniel have a truce, which gives them 18 days to work together. And the do work together, but Luce doesn't know about the truce and still thinks that Cam is evil and out to get her.  But really he and Daniel are really working together to eliminate the beings who are coming after Luce.  Daniel AND Cam are not supposed to see Luce at all during the 18 days, but they both kinda break that rule and see her.
Cam and Daniel also discover that the enemy is using special arrows called Starshots.  They are blunted ended arrows, but the material is deadly to angels, demons and the like.
Onward to the story!  Luce is forced to attend this school all the way in California.  It's this special private boarding school.  She finds out that it's full of nephilim students as well as some mortal students.  The honors program of the school is really just a cover for the nephilim students to learn more about their heritage.
She makes a few friends including Shelby her roommate, who is hard to warm up...and also had sort of a fling with Daniel back in the day.  And then Miles, who is a really friendly guy.
In one class her teachers talk about announcers and how they carry messages, which Luce recently learned, but now she wants to know how to uncover the messages.  She wants to know more about her past lives so she and her friends work on opening the messages, and she uncovers things she may or may not want to know.

Characters to know:
Luce:  She's in love with Daniel, and she knows this, but she wants to know more about her past lives.
Daniel: He would do anything for Luce, but he's keeping her in the dark about a lot of things, only to protect her, but Luce is restless.
Shelby:  Luce's roommate, she is kind a bit of a sarcastic bitch at the beginning, but she slowly warms up to Luce and they end up becoming friends.  You also find out that she and Daniel had a little fling.
Miles:  One of Luce's classmates.  He's totally crushing on Luce, but he is truly a sweetheart.f
Cam: He and Daniel team up to defeat the Outcasts and keep Luce safe.
Steve and Francesca:  They are her teachers.  Steve is demon and Francesca is an angel.  They actually love each other, although they do have different opinions on things.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eternity: Laury Falter

Man, I'm getting behind on reviewing!  I finished this a few days ago, but I've been busy. Anyways, this is the second book in the Guardian Trilogy.  This is a spoiler if you haven't read the first book.  And I have to say I liked it. 

Okay, sorry to do this, but I can't write a reveiw...the books are running together! Maybe, I'll do a review over the Whole trilogy when I finish this last book.  SORRY

Characters to know:
Maggie: She's mortal in this lifetime.  She loves Eran. 
Eran: The man who Maggie loves, and their history has been intertwined for centuries.
Gershom: A friend in the afterlife who she transported there just as he was dying.
Ezra, Felix and Rufus:  Her roomates!  They seem like a perfectly dysfunctional family, but in a good way.